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Interpretation Of Dreams
Interpretation Of Dreams

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Interpretation Of Dreams

Interpretation Of Dreams

Interpretation Of Dreams

  • General Astrology Books
  • S.K. Duggal
  • 9788170820802

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Details & Specifications of Interpretation Of Dreams

Dreams have been a part of human life. There had always been a desire to interpret dreams. Earlier, these were considered to be messages of God Almighty to the human beings. Even animals dream in their sleep. Some considered it to be supernatural powers bestowed to man. Patients were treated on the basis of dreams narrated by them. Priests guided their followers from future calamities. Dreams have been related to Sanchita Karmas of the persons. These also depend on the Astrological factors and influence of planets. They relate to the Telepathy as well. Dreams have been analyzed by Psychologists. This scientific procedure came into being about 100 years back. The book explains scientifically the above aspects of human dreams. It has been explained that Hora and weather, which depends up on the movement of the Sun and the Moon, effects the nature of dreams. Further the planetary movement i.e. transit of Planets, their Mahadasa and Antardasha periods have an effects of dreams. Malefic planets cause bad, dreadful dreams while benefic planets are responsible for pleasant dreams. It is not necessary that a good dream will always reflect a favorable position or a bad dream indicates bad period. Sometimes the results are almost opposite to the nature of dreams. An effort has been made in this book to refer to dreams in Hindu scriptures, Muslim Literature, works of modern psychologists and the interpretation passed on to the new generation by elderly people. The book will serve a very good purpose for selection of Gems for Remedial Measures in Astrology.

Product Specifications
Sub Category:Astrology Books
SubjectGeneral Astrology, Samhita or Mundane Astrology
AuthorDr. S.K.Duggal, Qaiser Hussain & Amjad Ali
PublisherSagar Publications
No. of Pages248
Item Code110030002

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