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Anka Jyotish [The Ultimate Numerology Software]
Anka Jyotish [The Ultimate Numerology Software]

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Anka Jyotish [The Ultimate Numerology Software]

Anka Jyotish [The Ultimate Numerology Software]

Parashara Software proudly presents Anka Jyotish, the long awaited software for Numerological calculations and predictions!

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Details & Specifications of Anka Jyotish [The Ultimate Numerology Software]

Anka Jyotish : True to the Parashara tradition, Anka Jyotish is feature rich and user friendly. Here are the main features of this software :
User Friendly and Interactive : The software is extremely user friendly and allows inter activity also.
Fully Customizable : The software is fully customizable and supports a range of calculative, print, report and font options. Anka Jyotish has accommodated different calculative methods like Cheiro (Chaldeon), Sepherial (Hebrew) and Pythagoreon methods. It also supports two Auspicious Name calculation methods.
Extensive Interpretive Content : The software is rich in interpretive content for Primary Number, Destiny Number, Name Number, Number Chart, Characteristics, Health, Finance, Areas of Life & Remedies.
Daily Prediction : The daily prediction report based on numerology forms a very interesting feature of the software. Predictions ranging over extensive time periods are available in the software.
Marriage and Business Compatibility Calculators :The software supports two types of Compatibility Calculators that help you match compatibility for marriage and business relationships.
Name Calculator :The auspicious name calculator is also a very popular tool of the software. It evaluates the auspiciousness of the name based both on compound number and also on the rapport between the primary and name number. Where necessary, recommendations for auspicious names have also been provided.
Lost Item Query Tool :The Lost Item Query Tool aids in locating lost items on the basis of numerology.
Thought Reading Tool : The Thought Reading Tool is an interesting feature that helps understand the native’s thought processes.
Result of Query Tool : The Result of Query Tool explains the outcome of a query.
Shubh-Ashubh Calendar : Precise auspicious and inauspicious dates, favorable and unfavorable periods and favorable weekdays are very helpful in timing events. These are available in the Shubh Ashubh Calendar in the software.
Significant years, benefic age details : Prior knowledge of the significant years and benefic ages helps in planning life events.
Favorable Ratna, Uparatna, Metals : Information about the native’s favorable gemstone, secondary gemstone and metal is available in the software.
Remedies : Remedies lower the intensity of negative results and provide relief in the dark moments of life. The software has an enriched remedy section including prayers, mantras, charity, healing herbs, herbal ablution and preferred colors.
Research Tools : Special tools have been provided to search among profiles and profile groups according to different sort criteria. Profile data can be imported to a file for later retrieval. Statistics on Profiles are also available through the program.
Tool Bar : The toolbar helps identify and use the various options through easily recognizable icons and their descriptions.
File Manager : There is a File Manager for logical organization of multiple profiles.
Beautifully Designed Reports : Beautiful colored as well as black and white printouts of the reports as well as pre configured models can be printed from the software. There is a facility to select auspicious and symbolic report borders from a range of border options. The report output is over fifty pages in volume. The reports can be saved in pdf format also.
Email feature : An email feature in the program opens a window from where you can send an email with attachments directly.
Accounting : The software supports an Accounting history for commercial users.
Sample Profiles : The program supports an extensive database of sample profiles for research and study reference.
Language : The software is available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada and Telugu languages. Tamil will be available in the near future.

Product Specifications
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