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Nakshatra (2 Volumes)
Nakshatra (2 Volumes)

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Nakshatra (2 Volumes)

Nakshatra (2 Volumes)

Nakshatra (Part-1) (Constellations) Based Predictions with Remedial Measures Nakshatra (Part-2) (Constellations) Based Predictions - DASA Predictions This Book is based on my several years of “NAKSHATRAS” and their importance on human beings. Maximum possible information have been given about each Nakshatra. This book is based on“NAKSHATRA”of the ‘hindus’ 'ASTERISMS’ or‘CONSTELLATIONS’.

  • Nakshatra Phal Books
  • 9788170821502
  • 9788170822189

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Details & Specifications of Nakshatra (2 Volumes)

Subject : Nakshatra Phal
Language : English
Writer's Name : K.T. Shubhakaran
Publisher : Sagar Publication
ISBN : 9788170821502, 9788170822189
Pages : 978


This Book is based on my several years of “NAKSHATRAS” and their importance on human beings. Maximum possible information have been given about each Nakshatra. Readers of astrology can find this book most suitable as one can, without going into detailed divisions of horoscope, understand ‘what is in store for them. This book is based on“NAKSHATRA”of the ‘hindus’ 'ASTERISMS’ or ‘CONSTELLATIONS’. This book deals with the detailed results/ happenings in an individual’s life during the operation of various main periods, sub-periods and sub-sub periods of a planet. “Dasha System” means “timing of the fate of human beings based on the position and condition of the planets at birth”. changes do happen in the life of a native at each and every moment. Analysing a horoscope is like analysing and finding the contents of running water. It is easy to analyse the accumulated water. Changes of events in a life is so spontaneous, continuous and frequent that only a divine soul can foresee and tell simultaneously and accurately.

Product Specifications
Sub Category:Astrology Books
AuthorK.T. Shubhakaran
PublisherSagar Publication
No. of Pages978
ISBN9788170821502, 9788170822189
Item Code110030425-110030426

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