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Jyotish Sagar September, 2019 (E-Magazine)
Jyotish Sagar September, 2019 (E-Magazine)

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Jyotish Sagar September, 2019 (E-Magazine)

Jyotish Sagar September, 2019 (E-Magazine)

Jyotish Sagar's September Issue is special issue on Ganesha Chaturthi, Pitri Dosha and Navratra (29th September, 2019). This is a digital issue.

  • Astrology Magazine
  • Vastu Magazine
  • Hindi Jyotish Patrika

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Details & Specifications of Jyotish Sagar September, 2019 (E-Magazine)

Some Important articles of the issue :


Second Lunar Mission of India ‘Chandrayan-2’
Ganesh ji of Rs.600 crores!
Shiva Lingas are donated here at the time of Death

Tribute  : Sheila Dixit: End of an era in Delhi's politics
Tribute : Sushma Swaraj: Soft person, Influential speaker and Popular Politician
Special on Ganesh Chaturthi :
Ganesh Puranas and Ganesh worship by Gods
Why is Ganesh Agarpujya?
Why do we offer ‘Durvankur’ (Soft Grass Seedling) to Ganesh ji?
Why do we apply Sindura to Shri Ganesh?
Ganesha, the giver of wisdom and prosperity
Special on Sharadiya Navratri
Worship Goddess in Navaratri
Remedy for removing obstacles and achieving success
Predictive Astrology: Careers in Digital Marketing
Predictive Astrology: marriage takes place in Rahu's condition
Predictive Astrology: allergy disease and astrology
Predictive Astrology: Pitradosh in modern astrology
Predictive Astrology: God is also powerful man
Remedial Astrology: How to remove Pitradosh
Remedial Astrology: Mythology and Vedokta Pitruasti
Remedial Astrology: Pitar is a member of the judiciary of Devlok
Remedial Astrology: Mahadasha determines the standard of living
Political Astrology: Can you become a politician?
Mythology: Sight of Saturn
Spiritual Aspects of Planets
Ketu in Third house and its impact on life
Sun in the eighth house of Cancer Ascendant
Vastu Shastra: Will peace and harmony come after the partition of Kashmir? (A Vastu study)
Amazing Wonders of Indian Magicians!
Raghav Yadaviyam by Venkatadhwari (Part-2)
Special on Bhuvaneshwari Jayanti: Goddess Bhuvaneshwari gives All prosperity
Special on Maharishi Dadhichi Jayanti: Maharishi Dadhichi, the world's first Donner of Human Body

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