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Jyotish Sagar April, 2021 (Digital Edition)
Jyotish Sagar April, 2021 (Digital Edition)

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Jyotish Sagar April, 2021 (Digital Edition)

Jyotish Sagar April, 2021 (Digital Edition)

Jyotish Sagar’s April 2021 issue is now published.

  • Astrology Magazine
  • Vastu Magazine
  • Hindi Jyotish Patrika

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Details & Specifications of Jyotish Sagar April, 2021 (Digital Edition)

Jyotish Sagar's April 2021 issue has been published now. Index of some articles is given here :

  1. The Haridwar Mahakumbh will be for 28 days only
  2. The Vrindavan Kumbh Mela: Devlok Kumbh
  3. When there was a ban on laughing in Ayodhya!
  4. NASA's Mars mission: All is well here on Mars!
  5. Moi Virundhu: Unique Tradition for Financial Assistance
  6. Murga Hill: Where the soul of a Buddhist saint still wanders today!
  7. Vikram Samvat 2078: Mars is the king and minister of the Samvatsara.
  8. Predictive Astrology: the accomplishment and fame of the Raja Yoga made by Char Karaka.
  9. Remedial Astrology: How to reduce the intensity of inauspicious transit of Mars?
  10. Predictive Astrology: Vakri Navamesha and its Influence
  11. Predictive Astrology: Viruddha Dharmi Graha
  12. Predictive Astrology: The Shoulder of Fate
  13. Predictive Astrology: The Eleventh House Signifies the Elixir of life.
  14. Predictive Astrology: Yoga to become an engineer in horoscope
  15. Predictive Astrology: horoscope matching
  16. Uttarakalamrit: Bala Sadhankhan
  17. Yogasana: Tadasana
  18. Maharishi Gautam, the Creator of Nyay philosophy
  19. Naomi Osaka: The Next Two Years will be Fabulous
  20. Kiran Bedi removed from the post of Lt. Governor
  21. Djokovic : 9th time winner
  22. Tiger Woods injured in car accident in Ashtamesh's Dasa
  23. Amitabh Bachchan's eye operation
  24. Axar Patel : characters of victory
  25. Spring Navratra Commencement and Ghatasthapana Muhurta (April 13, 2021)
  26. Durgasaptashati patha : Classical Legislation
  27. Basant Navaratra: After Krishna-Shiva-Brahma and Gods, who worshiped Durga?
  28. Trayodash Shloki Durga
  29. Prohibitions in Durga's Havan
  30. Do Mental Worship of Goddess Durga in Navratra
  31. Arjuna's Durgastuti
  32. Special on Ram Navami: Genealogy of Ayodhya and Lord Shri Ram
  33. special on Hanuman Jayanti: Sri Hanuman is incredible
  34. Month planner
  35. Monthly Almanac (Panchanga of April Month)
  36. Dainik Nirayan Planets Explicit
  37. Muhurtasagar
  38. Bhaktamal: Commentaries of the Bhaktamal (Part-4) Laldas's 'Bhaktamal Ko Drishtant' and other commentaries and sub commentaries.
  39. Manaspeeth: Shri Ram in the ashram of Maharishi Atri
  40. Monthly Horoscope
  41. Free Astrology Consultation
  42. Indradhanush: Astrologer's Diary
  43. Indradhanush: Stotravali: Sridurgapadudhaarastotram
  44. Indradhanush: Niti Amrit: Virtue is the best jewelry
  45. Indradhanush: Vedic story: Donation of head for enlightenment.
  46. Indradhanush: Vidur Niti: Useful things
  47. Patheya: Upanishadsar: Ishopanishad (Part-8)
  48. Patheya: Vedic Sukta (Part-9): Dhananadanasukta
  49. Patheya: Gurugita (Part-8)
  50. Patheya: Nadisutra: Indra Yoga
  51. Patheya: Narada-Bhakti-Sutra (Part-06)
  52. Pilgrimage: The worship of Shakti is the site of the mother Amba ji temple.




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