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Jyotish Sagar August, 2021 (Print Edition)
Jyotish Sagar August, 2021 (Print Edition)

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Jyotish Sagar August, 2021 (Print Edition)

Jyotish Sagar August, 2021 (Print Edition)

Jyotish Sagar’s Agust 2021 issue is now published.

  • Astrology Magazine
  • Vastu Magazine
  • Hindi Jyotish Patrika

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Details & Specifications of Jyotish Sagar August, 2021 (Print Edition)

Jyotish Sagar's August 2021 issue has been published now. Index of some articles is given here :

1. Space tour: Space open for tourism
2. Totke for rain: What not to do for rain?
3. Solar storm: averted the great danger coming from space
4. Rudraksh Convention Center
5. US Report 'Preliminary Assessment: Un-identified Aerial Phenomena': Flying saucer debate rages on again!
6. Where does space begin?
7. Lionel Messi: Dashas  are rewarding
8. Richard Branson: Historic Leaps in the Space Business
9. Wimbledon winner Djokovic
10. Tragedy King Dilip Kumar: End of the Golden Age of Hindi Cinema
11. Satyakatha: The secret behind the fourth curtain
12. Predictive Astrology: Vakri Bhavesh in the horoscope and its effect on life (Part-12): Vakri Dwadeshesh and its effect
13. Predictive Astrology: Shankh yoga that brings fame and prestige
14. Predictive Astrology: Cancer yoga in astrology
15. Predictive Astrology: High-ranking yoga formed in variable ascendants
16. Remedy Astrology: How to reduce the intensity of inauspicious transit of Saturn?
17. Horoscopes of Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna, Balarama and Krishna
18. How to make accurate predictions? Results of Mercury-Guru situated in the eighth house of Scorpio ascendant
19. Uttarkalamrit: First Kand Second Khand :- Balsadhan Khand
20. Predictive Astrology: Kalsarpayoga does not give the same results
21. Palmistry: Palms that give wealth and happiness
22. Alternative astrology: Know about residence and employment
23. Alternative Astrology: Ramshalaka Prashnavali (questioner) : Know whether the work will be successful or not?
24. Muhurta Astrology: Elective Caesarean Operation: How much right, how much wrong?
25. Gem astrology: effect of diamond according to zodiac
26. festival of rakshabandhan
27. Vastu-Muhurta Astrology: Know Rahumukh and Shubh Khata Direction
28. Fast-festival decision: Vrat-festival due to local differences: What is the solution?
29. Special on Krishna Janmashtami: The most accomplished Brahmand Krishna Kavach
30. Special on the month of Shravan: Ardhanarishwar-Ashtak Sadhana which fulfills wishes
31. Yogasana: Bhujangasana to relieve neck-back pain
32. Special on Shri Sevak Jayanti: Na Kou Sevak Soun Harivansh Worshiper
33. Hayagriva mantra for attainment of knowledge
34. Manaspeeth (Part-108) : Khar-Dushan Slaughter
35. Special on Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti: When Tulsidas ji got Hanuman temples built
36. Special on Kalki Jayanti: Know when will Kalki Avatar happen?
37. month planner
38. monthly Panchanga (calendar)
39. Muhurta Sagar
40. sri gurugeeta
41. monthly horoscope
42. free consultation
43. Rainbow : Stotravali : Pradosh stotra that fulfills wishes
44. Puran Purush : I am Aruni
45. Vedic Sukta (Part-11): Brahmanaspatisukta
46. Nadisutra: childlessness yoga
47. Poet where Lord Shiva worked!
48. Knowledge of Names, Payadi of children born in August, 2021


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