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Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa
Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa

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Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa

Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa

Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa :- An Integrated Overview in English

  • Spiritiual & Religious
  • By Satyanarayan Naik
  • 9788170822653

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Details & Specifications of Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa

Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa : _ An Integrated Overview in English   The contents of this book having its classical base will explore many secrets of Naadi. It is an integrated overview (not a system) having independent approaches explained for both Naadi and Classical methods. It opens up new horizons in application. This book contains a few Varga secrets which are basically Naadi approach with classical structure. Every component is explained independently without any efforts to fuse two systems to confuse or claim discovery of a new system. This is an effort to explore the information useful for both Naadi and Traditional approach. The Book is divided into 7 Chapters. Rasijam: Use of minute components both of space and quality are explained. Grahajam: How the default approach is common for both Traditional and Naadi is discussed here with planetary significations and their relationship with human psychology is explored. Rasi Grahajam: Explains the use of minute components and its influences on Planets. Bhavajam: The collective signification of planets compartmentalized in 12 Bhavas and the methods of analysis as Bhava including special use of Varga in Nadi is explained. Yogajam: Planetary yoga and their effect on timing of events and their use in transit of planets in Naadi is discussed. Samayajam: 

Product Specifications
Sub Category:Spiritiual & Religious Books
SubjectSpiritiual & Religious
AuthorSatyanarayan Naik
PublisherSagar Publications
No. of Pages642
Item Code110031502

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